Battle of the Chosen

Naoya Hano

Boat racers are divided into four grades according to their performance. The "B2" class, in which new racers who have just made their debut first, the "B1" class, where the main race is the main race, and the "A2" class, in which a king is put on top. And the highest class "A1" where top class racers with unparalleled ability gather. Of the approximately 1,600 boat racers, only "A1" is in the top 20%. The average annual prize money earned by their top racers is 29 million yen. Grades are updated every six months, and there is a possibility of relegation if results do not change.

The prize money paid to athletes for winning a race will increase according to the grade. The top-grade "SG" race wins a prize of 16 to 35 million yen, and the highest grade race "Grand Prix" costs 100 million yen. Of course, only some racers can compete in high-grade races. If you don't keep winning, you won't even get a chance to win a big prize.

Naoya Hano is currently 23 years old. He is a talented racer who was promoted to A1 class in three years from his debut in 2014. Mid-to-experienced class in the 30s to 40s, who are eager to compete. He is attracting attention as a boat race hope. (As of January 2019)

"I'm really lucky to be able to compete with the players I longed for in the A1 I've always been aiming for. After all, there's no training better than in combat.I've been in the racetrack for as long as I can to keep running and I've always been conscious of running more than anyone. "

To eat senior racers

One of the characteristics of boat racing is that the racer's age range is extremely wide, from teens to 70s. Players who are older than their parents and children participate in the same race and spark. Once on the battlefield, even a rookie can do nothing. There is considerable pressure on young racers with little experience in the field to compete with senior racers who have won many races.

However, Hano rejected the average powerhouse and won the GI grade race only three years and six months after his debut. In October 2017, in the "GI 65th Anniversary Celebration of the Sea Championship", he won a veteran racer with a proven track record. The GI champion born in Heisei is the first boat race in history. It was a historic moment.

  "For seniors, there may have been pressure for what juniors have challenged, but from the point of view of other racers and customers, I'm in a position like" I can't win. " I think that it was a good result that I relaxed my shoulders and tried to race with my full power, because I was still inexperienced so I could run hard in the race, and when I made a mistake, I got advice from my seniors I can get it. In that sense, I think I am blessed. "

The current goal is to win the title

Hano is accumulating victory with the breaking momentum. As of January 2019, the accumulated prize money since debut has exceeded 100 million yen. The winning amount will also be a proof of the racer's strength. In 2018, he was ranked 42nd in the annual prize money ranking, and was awarded the right to participate in the Grand Prix series for the second time in a row for two consecutive years. Following the 2017 rookie of the year, he continues to produce results in numbers.

  "The current goal is to win the title. But instead of changing myself, I want to be aware of my own race first and then add more and more. After that, I need to adjust the engine and propeller. Even if you can learn about the race development and turns by watching your seniors, you have to manage the essential boat and engine adjustment yourself. I want to have a high

  Weapons are youthful and flexible. Boat racer Toshihide aims for even higher heights this year.

  Naoya Hano (Hano Naoya Born March 29, 1995)
He is expected to be the driving force of a new generation of racer, defeating the SG champion in the race that won the first championship after debut.