Why can you make such a great start?

Kohei Kikuchi

"First of all, it's important that the start doesn't stop flying more than the speed. However, I can't afford to lose on the start, so I manage the risk and the return while maintaining the full speed. I have a "system" in my head to work with. Assuming all the paths to the start and the troubles and mistakes that may occur in the process, always assume several patterns of ways to cover them. In races where you have to get results, we will take the risk, even with some risk. For me, the start timing is not a feeling, it is just a result backed by a unique system. ''

Fear of flying

  While aiming for the start line at full speed, the fear of flying is always attached to the players' heads. If you fly, the race will be absent and you will be suspended for 30 days. In addition, there are serious risks, such as being unable to participate in high-grade races for a certain period of time.

Kikuchi has experience licking bitterness by flying in the past. The following year, 2014, when he won the annual prize king, he flew for 0.01 seconds at the SG "42th Boat Race All-Star", closing the dream of winning all-star championship.

  "Once again, the failure of the start in the Boat Race All-Star is memorable. This was the reason we updated the system so that we could deal with" errors caused by our own intuition. " There are uncertainties that cannot be assumed in advance, such as the movements of players, and your own upsets and mistakes that you may make will not be the best start unless you factor them into the system as a “one risk” like those uncertainties. "

Craving for insatiable speed

Kikuchi, who puts his feelings and experience into the system thoroughly and tries boat errors while repeating trial and error, is like a researcher who is steadily updating his theory. For him, the starting practice before the race might be a debugging task to check the system he built for errors.

  "If the inconvenience comes out, the system itself goes crazy. How do I always make my best start, not outrunning my opponent? When I start in 0.06-0.09 seconds, It's proof that it fits with the ideal system, but no matter how well you get off the touch start, you'll get spilled, so you need technical training and advance preparation. I'm not my racer, I'm always myself. "

Kohei Kikuchi (born August 16, 1978) One of the finest starters who boasts tremendous precision, even among the most sophisticated boat racers.